You will agree with me that it is no longer that effective to rely on print and broadcast advertising channels. It is quite limited to reach out to potential customers for your business.

Now, the dawn of online advertising is upon us and it has promised reduced cost, further reach targeted approach. It gets the word out on business services by driving traffic to your website which converts to sales and/or leads.

Below are tips on how to get the word out online.

Banner Advertising

This advertising method is popularly used. It brings the “eye candy” effect to the viewer. It is usually seen above, below or on either side of the main content on the website.


When a banner advert is clicked on it brings traffic back to your website for more information on the offer advertised. Hence, banner adverts work best when connected to a special offer which makes readers interested enough to click on it.

Pay-Per-Click and Search Engine Optimisation

I’ll explain these two by first defining what they are in basic terms. SEO is making sure that your website is easily found by search engines and this ranks it up on their results page. While PPC is paying for adverts on these results pages to boost results gotten through SEO.

Social Networks

In marketing today, it surely pays to be where your customers are. Thanks to social media, advertising just got engaging and yet fun.

It has made it possible to put a human face or profile on brands and reach out to the target market. You get a two-way interaction. There is room to satisfy customer needs, get their feedback/testimonials, reward them with special discounts, offers, and exclusive content. The point is to make them follow you and eventually patronize your products and services.

Content Marketing

This is the use of creative and informative content (article, picture, audio or video) that caters to the customer need. For example, giving an insight of marketing strategies of business models, answering frequently asked questions about a business or engaging customers in an entertaining way. This content needs to be focused on the customer and not just a ‘must buy’ message.

Online Advertising and Lead Generation

Now, asides raising awareness for your business and brand via online advertising. Do remember that the purpose of your marketing efforts to convert much of that traffic to sales and generate leads for future sales.

Therefore, think carefully about what you want to achieve when you create your advertising. You may want them to sign up for an offer or to get them subscribed to your blog etc.

Hence, make sure you build in a clear call to action that will get the message across and encourages them to take action – and always measure your results to track return on investment.

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