What is the purpose of a Business’ Website?

It is vital to understand the efficient and important role a website plays in marketing and advertising a business. It is the equivalent of owning a high street shop or prominent office only it’s online. Your website is the centre of a business universe and the cornerstone of an online marketing plan. A website itself can be used to accomplish marketing strategies to help your business grow.

There are two major strategies to consider in a business website that can benefit your business, which is website marketing strategy and website content strategy. The website marketing strategy describes the purpose and importance of the website, its functionality, and performance for the business. Website content strategy considers the reader, how they look at the website and the marketing information on your website.


Maximize the purpose of the Website?

Depending on the type of business, your website can be the core of sales activity to a business by giving your business the online presence and allow for the sales of your products anywhere and anytime without any limitations.
Let’s take a look at some typical functions of business websites:

1. Online retailer

This sort of website is aimed at engaging the visitor. It guides them into specified areas of interest and motivates them to possibly buy one or more products. It is an e-commerce website where visitors can make a purchase with the shopping cart and check out facility online. The challenge with this kind of website is that it is very easy to attract visitors who shop on price and not brand. The disadvantage is that the visitor is a regular shopper or customer and they continue to surf the internet for lower prices, better deals, and bargain.
Without a good website marketing strategy and content strategy, it may be difficult to influence a shopper or customer for repeat patronage. Many people are used to this sort of website and most likely will have shopped on them.

2. Catalogue style

This is similar to the online retailer but in this case, products are displayed online but there isn’t a checkout to finish an order.
The strategy backing this sort of website is to present an online catalogue or brochure. Typically, it can be a manufacturing business that sells their own products to wholesalers or retailers, with the product eventually being sold to the end user. A good example is Avon, car manufacturers and plenty more businesses who find the online catalogue style useful to their business.
This type of website gives you information about a product and feedback from previous users of the product to make an end purchaser have enough information about the goods before contacting a salesperson. The website is, therefore, providing several functions in respect of brand awareness, information and a safe place to browse and shop without the pressure of a salesperson hovering around, which a lot of people find comfortable. The online information serves as a catalyst to a possibly faster sale when the potential customer and salesperson eventually meet.

3. Manufacturer/wholesaler

They may publish paper catalogues or have a display room. This business website uses a very different strategy. It provides contact details with their online presence. Like a directory, showing the visitor who and where to go to have their questions answered.
The main strategy could simply be personal communication. It is a local/regional business looking to build long-term relationships with their customers by motivating them to reach out to customer service to discuss their requirements. With modern technology, this could be facilitated by a web chat room.

4. Service industries engage different website strategies

This type of strategy offers a little amount of high-priced information and describes the services that are offered including customers reviews. This is usually used to show the visitors a degree of capability and gives them the right conviction. Typically, these websites have photographs of their team purposely to exhibit skill to provide the visitor with more confidence and direction.

There must be a primary purpose to back up your business website…

In essence, do you consider the kind of satisfaction visitors get when they visit your website, reviews, feedback and services that are provided on your website? Does your website meet the needs of your visitors and erase any doubts they had so they can make an effort towards making a purchase? Does your business have a way to know and measure all this?

Many website designers produce spectacular websites. The design is essential but, functionality is more significant. Your website content strategy, therefore, is what will determine if a visitor can be transformed to a customer and be able to satisfy their needs.
Having discussed a number of different types of business website and the strategies behind them, the debate now is if you understand the role and purpose your business website should do in your marketing plan. Contact us for marketing strategies and tips now!


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