You all will agree with me that social media has brought about innovative ways to get the word out about business services and products. Now, I chose to write an article on Twitter for business because personally, like most other people, I had a hard time figuring how useful it could be rather than just for “gossips”.

Well, in a nutshell, Twitter is about PROMOTING YOUR BUSINESS IN 140 CHARACTERS OR LESS.

The social networking platform describes itself as ‘…your window to the world’, where you can ‘get real-time updates about what matters to you.’ According to Twitter, in the month of September 2015, it had 320 million monthly active users, worldwide.

Essentially, it’s an online social networking service that lets users send and read short messages called “tweets”. Furthermore, registered users can read and post tweets, but unregistered users can only read them. It’s a great way to promote your business for free.

Tips to tweet effectively

  • The best days to post are weekdays for business to business
  • It is best to post by 5pm for the highest retweets
  • Posts made by around 12pm gets the highest click through rate


**Download a larger copy of the above infographic here**

Some of the most important Twitter terms

Tweet – A 140-character message sent out by a Twitter user. All tweets are limited to 140 characters – including hashtags, links, and mentions.

Hashtag (#) – A hashtag is a subject or topic mentioned in a tweet and indicated by a # mark. For instance, for NollyWood-related tweets, the hashtag might be #NollyWood and appear in or at the end of a tweet.

At (@) – The @ sign appears before a user’s name in a mention on Twitter. For instance, if you want to mention your friend (with a Twitter account), you’d use. @TWITTERNAME in your tweet (replacing TWITTERNAME with their handle.)

Avatar – The small picture that accompanies tweets. For people, this is usually a headshot. For businesses, a headshot or logo could be used.

Connect – This tab at the top of the Twitter page takes you to where you can view your mentions (@s), messages and more. It shows you who has interacted with you and how.

Direct Message (DM) – A private message sent between two Twitter users who follow each other on Twitter. Other users cannot see this.

Some more important terms…

Follow – When you follow someone, their status updates appear in your Twitter stream. Likewise, when folks follow you, your updates appear in their stream.

Handle – An individual’s Twitter name.

Mention – See At (@).

Retweet (RT) – Forwarding someone else’s tweet to your followers. Also, when you hover over the tweet, simply click the “Retweet” button and then confirm that you want to send it.

Twitter party/chat – An organized meet upheld for a specific time duration. Participate in a Twitter party or chat by using a special hashtag. However, Users can follow the hashtag or use a third-party application such as TweetGrid to follow and participate. All participants must use the hashtag in their tweets during the party.

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